Candidate Services

The Internet

In today's employment environment, the competition for the best available talent is always fierce! Once you have made a strategic decision to move forward in your career search, you must then select the tactics that will leverage your skills and talents to the highest degree.

You can use the job boards and internet to provide maximum exposure to your name, background and a synopsis of your skills. The cold reality is that your background will be ingested by resume spiders from firms in your industry with no guarantee you will ever be approached for a role other than a courtesy, "we have received your background and will keep you on file".

Besides, do you really think a two page internet posting or synopsis can begin to do justice to the skills and experience you bring to a potential employer?

Alternatively, you can place your career search in the hands of the search consultants at MR Templeton. They maintain relationships directly with senior hiring managers at top firms across the nation that matches the parameters of your career goals. Their extensive business contacts guarantee a much higher probability of getting you an interview with the right people at the right time.

The final decision of course is yours: manage a full time job well and a career search poorly or trust the industry experts at MR Templeton to land your next great opportunity!